Don’t you just hate those people who buy a present for someone then think: “Mm, this is nice! I’ll keep it.”  I’m not at all like those people.


😳 I’m a little bit like those people.

Having decided that the bundle of Prima Patterns was not for me, I then became increasingly enamoured of the Peplum Dress.  So I made it!  Not bad, huh? 3 prima patterns peplum dress 1 The winner is JanLuckily for our giveaway winner – picked out of the Cossack hat by my lovely, little assistant Connie – the pattern is perfectly intact and soon to be dispatched, along with the others, to Jan in the Netherlands. Congratulations, Jan!  I’ve emailed you for your postal address.

1 prima pattern pieceI was pleasantly surprised by the quality of this: my first Prima pattern.  The nine pattern pieces were generously spaced and blissfully easy to trace – nothing like the Burda magazine or Akiko Mano eye-smarting nightmare of a dozen intersecting designs on the same sheet.  The paper is fairly robust too.  Next time at the newsagent, I shall look out for Prima magazine.

As for the making of the dress, it was a straight-forward size 12 with a lot of the upper back taken in.  I also shortened the bodice, being a few centimetres below the 168cm height that the dress is designed for.  I would have liked to have seen finished garment measurements: the only one provided was the back dress length.

The fabric is a spring-friendly linen from the stash.  The checked lines gave me some pause for thought (never again will I race into something like this!) and I took the decision to turn the peplum on the bias as I thought vertical stripes might have looked a bit apron-like.

Not perfect but I like and will wear a lot.

1 Peplum dress

10 thoughts on “Winner

  1. I like too. I think you should put your hair up in a bun and wear some black rimmed glasses which you could take off and glare meaningfully at people. I don’t know why, I just do – it’s just that sort of outfit.

    Know what you mean about the Burda mag patterns :/

    • Ooh, thanks for the great idea! I’ve worn dark-rimmed glasses my whole life, but the effect has been extreme-nerd rather than anything else. The hair-up trick might work 🙂

    • I know what you mean. All that fuss in the hip area: why ever would you? But I had a good feeling about this one and as long as I wear heels, not too pear like!

  2. Ah, well, everyone has that ‘Ooh, I want THAT’ moment; it’s not a rare thing.
    Nice job on the Peplum dress, personally I wouldn’t like one for myself but it suits you and as long as you like it, it’s great! 😀

    Plus, you’ll get the comments out in the open so there’s nothing to be worried about!

    Connie 🙂

  3. My Mum used to send me the Prima patterns – they were the first ones I started sewing with back in the mid-90s. I always found they were well drafted and easy to use. I don’t think they actually come with the magazine any more – you have to mail in a coupon for them now. Nice dress! It looks great.

    • Thanks! It does seem harder to get hold of these than I first thought. But it looks like we’ve had the same positive experience of using them.

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