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This is the Vogue 1247 top, designed by Rachel Comey and sewn hurriedly by Marianna as she felt an immediate need for a garment that would disguise her mince-pie-thickened, post-Christmas waistline!

Today was an unusual day in that it rained less and actually dawned.  After going stir-crazy from eating and drinking solidly for a week, we took our sluggish selves for a walk along the Thames Path in Greenwich (and a long walk, I may add, hence the trench boots).  From the scandalized-looking faces of the passers-by, I got the impression that standing in the cold wind with one’s coat off posing for photos is not the done thing these days….  😯

Was it, I wonder, that strikingly revealing gash of a neckline?  Not my favourite feature of this top.  I wonder if it looking like a shark bite wasn’t something of an oversight after the interesting design that went into the front, the shoulder pleats and the sleeves?

Or maybe the aghast glances were aimed at my fishnets, i.e. Mary Portas for Charnos fishnet Armery, a Christmas present from a friend.  Though a very warming addition to the outfit, I can see from the black-pink sausage arms in the pic that fishnet doesn’t photograph well!

Quick Capsule Pattern Review for the V1247 Top

Accuracy of difficulty rating:

They got that right!  The pattern is “intermediate” for a reason.  It takes the attention to detail of a rocket scientist to line up the back and front shoulder pleats and the French Seams connection at the front.  The best my patience could afford was this:

If I make this top again, I’ll first invest in a walking foot!

How much did the result look like the pattern cover:

Nah.  My Liberty-style lawn wasn’t slinky enough and neither was my figure!

Were the instructions easy to follow:

Yup, even for a panic-lover me.

Getting away without modifications

Er, dream on…

  • Firstly, drop some sizes (I made 8 and I’m a 12 top).
  • I would make the neckline narrower and less plunging.
  • You might feel the need to add contour darts to an otherwise shapeless back.


Yes, but not for hourglass figures: this top does now’t for poor Anne, she of the wasp waist!!

The Story of the Skirt

The skirt pattern has received some rave reviews and I’ll be making it soon as I find some good pinstripe as Sew Ruth did here.  The denim skirt I’m wearing above is actually a copy of the V1247 design where I used my Basic Skirt Block instead of the patternI’m especially pleased with the zip at the back, made by following Gertie’s exposed zipper tutorial.  It’s given the skirt a RTW look, though those metal teeth and in-yer-face-stitching creep the hell outta the kids!  🙂

It’ll be interesting to see how the two versions compare.

The Giveaway

For a chance to win one of the most blogged about patterns of 2012 (sized 6-12),  leave a comment below by January the 10th midnight (Greenwich Mean Time, natch!).

24 thoughts on “Vogue 1247 Giveaway

  1. Looks great! I’ve recently made this skirt myself and am thinking of making one of the tops, although I am a bit worried that it may be too shapeless for me. Interesting that you made a size 8 rather than a 12. I suspect I will do the same. Does it look good tucked in?

    • Thanks Jane.

      In reply to the tucked in question, also from Kathy 🙂 , it doesn’t look great as there are lots of seam lines near the waist.

  2. This looks great on you! I was THIS close to buying the pattern yesterday but didn’t. This is a helpful review of it. Like the other commenter… I was curious how it looked tucked in, too.

  3. I agree this top is big and the neckline deep. I am petite, usually make a Vogue 6 or 8 however I adore this top on me. I made mine in a drapey rayon and it’s divine and flattering. I always wear a camisole or singlet with it and it’s perfect with the 1247 skirt, jeans or even a pencil skirt. I think if you try it in a fabric with drape you will love it. I’ve got the pattern so don’t enter me 🙂

  4. This top is on my 2013 “to do” list. I have the larger size range, but I too think I might need to go down a couple of sizes. I would therefore LOVE to win the give-a-way. Count me in!

    • Hi Anna
      That’s a very useful point, thanks!
      I’m guessing but I strongly suspect that this pattern, for the top anyway, will suit up to size 16.

  5. I’ve made this top a couple of times – it’s quite nice in a charcoal silk-linen mix over a camisole, but dreadful (as anyone more sensible than me might have guessed!) in straight cotton). I do think it’s a lovely top but it definitely needs s drapey fabric!

    I hope among the passersby you got some thumbs up 🙂 as I think you should have. Your outfit looks really well put together!

  6. You are far too self deprecating. Your outfit looks fab and I bet you were the most stylish family on the Thames path, what with you in your outfit and your daughter in her lovely Japanese dress. I have this pattern (so won’t enter the giveaway) but I’ve only made the skirt. I have the top on my list to make soon. By the way, what fabric is your skirt made from? I love the way it has faded and the style is lovely too. Happy new year 🙂

    • Thanks Megan.
      The truth is that the daughter walks about in her white (faux) furs and makes the rest of the family look like humble servants/entourage!!

      As for the skirt fabric…. it’s a fabric that’s half-way betweeen chambray and denim. No diagonal lines but quite tough and it used to an old IKEA curtain… probably the kind everyone in rented accommodation had about 10 years ago (don’t think they make it any more). I made it as an experiment and it’s been one of the most worn items that I’ve ever made for myself.

  7. They this top is great and I do like the skirt and the zipper detail. Please don’t enter me in the giveaway though :o).

    Thanks too for the links to Gertie’s exposed zipper tutorial – why did the kids dislike the contrast stitching so much?

  8. This top is great though I think I would be tempted to make in a plain fabric to show all that seam work at the front! Unfortunately with my broad shoulders and hips I’d look enormous! My daughter however would love this combo. I think I prefer your take on the skirt, without the waistband its fab

    • Thanks Annie. I’m very fond of that skirt!

      I plan to give the top one more go: in rayon or viscose and in plain black (my comfort zone). I think of myself as broad in hips and shoulders too so if I do make a success of it, you and daughter can have the go ahead!!

  9. Now, that’s one good looking lady! That’s why people were staring. When I make the top I fold over the shoulder pleats on the paper pattern so that they are removed from the final item. Saves you marking up and making them and a much better fit around the neckline too. Go for chiffon – it makes all the difference and you will be making this top over and over and over……

    Oh, almost forgot – fab skirt too!

  10. heeheehee this review cracked me up. Thanks for being honest about it (and the skull drawing). I tried to purchase this pattern at three different sales and each time it was sold out so I gave up. So yea I’d totally like to be included in the draw. Thanks to your warnings I’ll know to alter it before I start XD

  11. Thanks for reviewing this top. I bought the pattern for the skirt so don’t include me in on the giveaway.
    I can see why you would narrow the neckine but I can see that the v-shaping is great on you. You’re right about adding shape to the back on the top. That’s why I can’t wear jackets without some shaping. A girl’s gotta show her waist while it’s there!

    • That sounds like a motto!

      Just wondering: did you blog your making of the skirt (couldn’t find it on your site but I’ll look at SPR).

      I’ve added some extra fabric to my copy of the paper pattern for the top and it looks like it’ll work (still a V).

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