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Sew2Pro’s 1st birthday came and went and I didn’t even blog – what a committment-phobe?!  Remember the Giveaway?  Without further ado, let me apologetically and belatedly announce that the winners of the Hollywood Costume Exhibition prizes are: Magical Effects of Thinking (of Colorado, USA), Jane (of near me in South London) and Sophie (in France).  Nice to think that the exhibition is thus getting a bit more travel, but the real thing, costumes and all, are currently making their way to Melbourne for an April opening at the ACMI. Leave me a comment if you’re able to go and see it: I’d love to hear what you thought of it.

The Mystery Costume (i.e. the dude with the big calculator) belongs to Darth Vader, of course.  Regretfully, his Lordship couldn’t visit this blog post personally but if you’d like to familiarize yourself with him more, watch this delightful Lego animation video of a typical lunch hour on the Death Star (as imagined by Eddie Izzard).  But put the kids to bed first as Darth likes his language spicy, like his pasta!



A Non-Hollywood Remake

On another note, here’s a second attempt at the V1247 top, this time in a soft, drapey viscose.

This time, I followed the advice to use fabric with a drape and bought a softly-falling viscose from A-One Fabrics, 50 Goldhawk Road.  At £6.50 a metre, it wasn’t exactly a bargain but I love viscose and had a hard time finding it in acceptable colours, hence the boring black.  Soon as I sewed the pleats, (which, incidentally, remind me of Darth’s gills though I’m not sure that’s how he breathes…) I had a feeling that my perseverance with this pattern was paying off but I’ve taken many pictures of my wearing this top and can’t say one of them make me think “wow, this looks great!”  Maybe more sunshine needed!


Pattern alterations

I narrowed the neckline and raised the front by an inch, grading to the original at centre back.  I could have done with another inch frankly, as I’m constantly fiddling to check if the bra straps are contained!

Overall verdict

No doubt I’ll wear this a lot on the school run, yet I remain wary of the V1247 top.  The French seam construction that creates a tidy inside of garment is a nightmare when it comes to perfectly lining up the 6 separate segments that make up the centre front.  Furthermore, it’s impossible to hem this top neatly with the tiny seam allowance given, as the French seams create bulk and even if your machine is obedient enough to pass over the bumps, the result is a nubbly edge.  I like my garments perfect on the outside before all; next time, I’ll leave out the French seams.

Here are version One and Two on the lovely Anne.  See how the drape creates a more elegant, flattering effect.

11 thoughts on “Viscy V1247

  1. Congratulations to all winners! If you get a chance to go to this exhibition you must! Thanks Marianne for the info on the details of the top. I consider you an expert on this and so I’m paying considerable heed to your advice for when I make mine. I love the black viscose one, lovely drape

  2. I also found the hem a bit lumpy – so I hand stitched my hem in place and removed the machine stitching. Much better.
    I agree it doesn’t photograph the best but I think it’s one of those things you need to see worn. I love how it floats over my body as I move. I get lots of compliments when I wear mine.

  3. I’m still in two minds about this top. I can see from your experience that if I use this pattern, I’ll have to me it much narrower across the neckline and higher – and that would be my starting point.
    You’re second version is a great achievement.

    • Thanks Velo. I think it would suit you and make a nice, casual addition to the wardrobe, but yes, beware of necessary adjustments!

  4. Oh damnit now i’m going to have to get the pattern. I really like this top and he skirt has been made up in blogland also with lovely results.

    Oh and I see what you mean about the drapier black fabric. Thank you for pointing it out.

    PS I laughed my arse off with the lego star wars clip …. had forgotten all about it.

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