Two Peas in a Pod

It’s a fine line between being fashionable and looking like you can’t dress yourself properly.”

This damning quote came not from some enfant terrible of Brit fashion but from my own DH who during a quiet moment in a waiting room took a leaf through my Pattern Magic Stretch, saw this and laughed out loud:

What about this?  Two peas in a pod,”  I asked.  I was looking for a quickie with which to join Lisa of Only the Small for the first installment of her monthly challenge Project Pattern Magic.   

DH paused thoughtfully then said, “that would look good on really skinny people.” 

Well I made it anyway 😯 Here:

How to Make

1. Shrink the stretch bodice front pattern to 65% of original size

2. Enlarge the back to 135%. 

3 Gather the back with ease stitches and sew to the front. 

Easy peasy 🙂

4 You may then use cuffs, waistband and neckband to finish. 

I used my Renfrew pattern, now I know it fits me, and included sleeves as I didn’t fancy the kimono style in the book – too much excess in the armpits!  One advantage to using the Renfrew pattern is that it includes seam allowances (though not on the sleeve which I cut in half at the shoulder then added the SA).  Once the front and back were sewn together,  the original-sized Renfrew cuffs, neckband and waistband fit the new T perfectly.

Tip: I recommend using a copier with an A3 bed, i.e. one large enough for naked drunks to sit on at office parties… oh how I miss abusing work facilities!  Doing it piecemeal on an A4 machine was the only time consuming part to this project. 

The Verdict

Two Peas in a Pod is an ideal Pattern Magic project if you’re in a hurry, especially if you have a TNT stretch pattern that you can quickly shrink and enlarge. 

The nicest design features, in my opinion, are the ruching on the inner side and the horseshoe neckline.  The downside?  Well, I have a sneaking suspicion that the shrunken front appears under a certain glare like a tiny person – my inner teeny dancer if you like – waiting to get out.  

If ever it does, I’ll stamp on it!

21 thoughts on “Two Peas in a Pod

  1. I can’t believe you ever abused a photocopier in that way! I love this top, it’s amazing. Yes, from some angles, it does look like a teeny person is in there. Reminds me of that Ab Fab episode- Eddie: ‘somewhere inside me is a thin person screaming to get out’, Mother: ‘just the one dear?’ – not that that applies to you AT ALL, you look fab in your new top 🙂

    • Oh, the Ab Fab girls! I’m going to think about Eddie’s inner thin person every time I wear this now…. but in a smiley, happy way!

  2. What a great shirt! You did so well with the two different fabrics, .mit reminds me of stella mcartneys ‘slimming’ dresses. From looking at the pattern in the book, I would not have guessed this could be so wearable. Great job! I’ll be posting mine later today 🙂 So excited that you joined me 🙂

    • Thanks Lisa. It’s a great challenge: I’ll definitely do another month (or two or three)!
      Look forward to your post (I wonder if it’s the twist dress?)

  3. This looks so much better on you, than the one in the book! The two fabrics look great together. I guess the front one has to be pretty stretchy if its only 65%… It looks quite tricky to make. Fits you really well!

  4. This one is nice. I wondered how it would look like, I wasn’t that much enthusiastic after seeing the picture from the book. Thanks to you, I’m convinced! Love the teeny dancer concept too 😉

    • Thanks Violette,
      You could accomplish this pretty quickly, I’m sure. If you like and need an incentive, Lisa of Only the Small is doing a monthly PM project by last Wed of each month!

  5. This is a very cool top and looks fab on. I want one. I especially like the return of the stripes which contrast so well with the black front. Very cool indeed.

    Thanks for the tip about the A3 bed copier (she types while trying to get work party images out of her mind….*giggle*) which makes a lot of sense.

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