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I wish these pictures could properly show you my dress, but Tuesday morning was the coldest, wettest day that you could imagine for May and the colourless sky stripped all the green out it so that in these photographs it’s decidedly blue.  The shade Lesley called ‘Windows default’!

1 dress 6So you’ll have to take my word for it: that I’d brought to  grey Woolwich, where the ceremony took place, some turquoise.  The colour of the Dalmatian sea near the shore where the pine trees and the summer sky reflect in the shallows.

Right now, the dress is hanging off the picture rail in the living room.  In the calm after the storm, I glance at it occasionally.  The colour is so intense and the crepe texture makes it look almost velvety. It was definitely the right idea to go back for the silk. … To think I was almost a polyester bride!

Yes reader, it was my wedding dress!

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60 thoughts on “The Wedding

  1. OMFG, that’s what u call a major surprise!!! Of course I had no idea you weren’t formally bound dear Marijana. Huge congratulations to thee and thine. You look radiant and “yes” we can see the blue of Dalmatia darling – beautiful. Mwah x

  2. Never let it be said you can’t keep a secret!! Congratulations to you and the groom. The dress was absolutely beautiful as are you! Hugs to you.

  3. Wow! What a surprise! You looked beautiful and shone radiantly even if the sun didn’t. Huge congratulations xx

  4. OH MY GOODNESS!!! Congratulations Marijana 🙂 you are a fantastic writer, let alone seamstress. Waiting for the last sentence in your dress post (The Wedding) to reveal….it is YOUR wedding dress. It is gorgeous.

  5. Oh, I’ve gone all tearful.
    You look stunning in your beautiful dress even struggling with an umberella. Although I must ask – are there no taxis in your part of London?
    Many many congratulations and, now that I know it was your wedding dress, I’m totally convinced you chose exactly the right style, fabric and colour. Fabulous!

    • Thank you!! I’m tearful too now my almost secret wedding isn’t, and I’ve had all these compliments and congratulations!

      As for taxis, that first photo was taken right by the river on the Thames Path and I literally had to walk less than 100 … yards 😉 but it was so windy!!

  6. Congratulations on your wedding and also on the beautiful dress, you looked wonderful, and I wish you and your new husband every happiness ……

  7. Wow you look fabulous…i presumed the dress was for a wedding but had no inkling it was yours! Congratulations and look forward to hearing all about it! Lol bx

  8. It’s a beautiful dress for a very happy occasion! Wow, you really are someone to trust with a secret ?. I hope you will have many happy years together, and I believe that rain on a wedding day is considered to be good luck.

    • Ha ha, I hope so. I did wonder if we should have gone to Vegas (for the heat at least) but have been assured I’d have hated it.
      Thanks for the best wishes.

  9. Oh blimey! I too thought you were already married! Not one to make a hasty decision then?? But what a lovely dress. The sleeves are special. It is a great shade and looks sensational with the red and white bouquet. I can’t believe you were even considering polyester darling.

    Many congratulations!

  10. The sleeves! The sleeves! And the slit!!! I am so happy for you, M. You look absolutely radiant in that stunning green and that description of the blue-green of the Dalmation shore will stay in my memory forever. Brava!! 🙂 PS In spite of the struggles with the umbrella the movement in the first photo is lovely!!

    • Thank you Sheryll! I didn’t know whether to laugh or groan when I saw that picture: it was the first one I got from a batch of about 100!

  11. Oh how absolutely lovely. Congratulations! The choice of design and fabric was perfect and you look radiant and gorgeous. I’m so excited!

    • Thank you. I hope it wasn’t all make-up… but I’ve been radiating a lot today because of all the happy comments!!

  12. All I can comment after everyone else is “BEAUTIFUL”

    Where did you get married ? I got married at Woolwich Registrary Office !

    • Thank you Valerie and YES, me too! We lived in various places around Woolwich in our early years together (our babies were registered there).

  13. Wow – how cool are you!
    Gave me goosebumps to read that final sentence and see your lovely photos.
    Many congratulations xx

  14. Well done, the dress looked lovely and your smile says it all! Congratulations and I wish you all the happiness in the world for your married life. Your painstaking and dedicated sewing exploits were obviously heading towards this crescendo. Keep it up. X

    • I’m glad you like the final version of the sleeves: I think I can stop now!
      Thank you for the congratulations and the compliments.

  15. Squeeeeeeeeeee.
    Me and the spouse made it legal 13 years in (for health insurance, if that doesn’t tell you I live in USA nothing else does).


    • As usual Stephanie, you’ve made me laugh where I least expected to!

      As for that honeymoon? Maybe some kind of equivalent elopement from the kids would be a good idea.

  16. Oh my goodness! Congratulations!!! You look absolutely beautiful and that dress is just stunning! And what a show of skill to be able to pull it off in such a short time – truly impressed.

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