The Blogstalker

Of all the lives a cat could choose, surely the best is that of a fisherman’s cat.  Think of the catch!  Or maybe being a witches’ cat is better as you get all the broomstick rides.

But for a cat of a nervous disposition, a seamstress working from home is the best mistress.  All that fabric to lie on, and rustling pattern paper to tear.  Not to mention the benefits of daytime company and the frequent hope-filled openings of the fridge door!

Moonchild Blogstalker (not his real name) is a snow-spotted Bengal.  His father was called Bambino Art Deco and his mother Glitterglam White Sapphire.  I’m just telling you this in case you’re expecting a baby and need names.  Bloggie moved in with Marijana in 2011, having previously resided next door with three beautiful and quieter ladies who had to move.  Bloggie is afraid of confinement and tight spots (he has a slightly wild nature, like Marijana) but is currently training to be a lap-cat.  Marijana is hoping that soon he’ll be comfortable about sleeping on her lap whenever she stops sewing to type up her posts.

If you’d like to re-home a Bengal, you could try here.

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1 thought on “The Blogstalker

  1. Beautiful, one of my favourite parts of the blog! He might sit on your fabric to say “Hey, you’re making a dress for yourself, and not for me, the pretty one!”

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