Pam Ayres Sews!

When home alone, I sew and at the same time I like to be drip-fed continuous Radio 4 content.  Woman’s Hour, consumer affairs, political comment or (often quite dodgy) afternoon drama: any of them serve as equally engrossing grown-up company to me.

One discussion you sometimes hear amongst the Radio 4 commentators is on the topic of whether female comedians can ever be as funny as male.  Well, I’d like to start a different debate: could a man ever write a funny poem about items of equipment in one’s sewing space so frequently ending up …well… borrowedPam Ayres can.  “Who’s Had Me Scissors?” broadcast yesterday on “Ayres on Air” was a real treat that had me bending double over my seam-ripping.  You can hear it at the start of this iPlayer episode (it expires in 5 days).  If you share your home with those who can’t comprehend the sanctity of your creative space, you’ll recognize the frustration!

The rest of the episode is very much worth a listen too, as Pam performs a wintery striptease for her fictional husband Gordon (the hilariously grumpy Geoffrey Whitehead) and pays a poignant tribute to her mum. Enjoy.

P.S.  Here’s the lining for the Gathered Hole dress.  Home straight!