Used to be a tablecloth…

And now, finally, it’s a dress.

It’s a summer dress but I got lucky! Just as the late spring and summer of this year were unforgettably generous to a London sun-worshipper like me, giving what seemed like weeks of uninterrupted dream weather, so did this autumn bless us with several days when I could wear the dress.

I wore it to work with a denim jacket and fashion trainers (white, as all fashion trainers seemed to be this year).

This dress would look great with medium heel sandals, but that’s something to try next year.  It is now suddenly very cold.

I hope to find other interesting cotton or linen tablecloths languishing in charity shops to cut up, especially since your comments in the last post pretty much sanctioned this barbarity (as Alys said, not everything is a museum piece).  What do you think of harem pants with this kind of lace lattice-work about the calves and knees?

I would like to wean myself of using chemical dyes though.  Once again washing machine Dylon worked beautifully but I’ve come to rely too much on this process that pollutes the water supply, and Dylon’s recent switch from cardboard to plastic ‘pod’ packaging is disappointingly backward suggesting a complete environmental indifference.  Do you share my concerns?  Or do you think all efforts of a single seamstress amount to a drop in the ocean?

However, my favourite new colour discovery is turmeric.  Maybe that’s not the official name for the variant of the very autumnal dark yellow you will surely have noticed everywhere in RTW this season, but it’s the colour of Haldi which certainly stains my teeth when I put it in curry so it should work on dyeing natural fibres too.  But how do I fix it? Time for some desk research, and experimentation.  Do please share the benefits of your experience if you’ve dabbled in natural dyes.