Skirt Nouveau

If I lived in Paris, I’d probably get used to sights like this.  But in my neck of the woods, the creeping, enigmatic lines of the Art Nouveau style are rather rare, so when I glimpsed this Liberty-style fabric from Classic Textiles (44 Goldhawk Road, £7 a metre), I felt a real longing to get myself a piece! I had visions of making myself a Colette Jasmine blouse and, with a long and narrow skirt, coming across all Mrs Dalloway.  That plan went on the backburner the moment I saw this Girl’s Gingham Skirt in the May 12 issue of the Burda magazine.

I decided I had to make it for my daughter and I used my Art Nouveau print to give it a slightly more grown-up tone (gingham is lovely but too much like the school uniform!).

This was my first Burda magazine pattern.  The instructions were clear enough, though there wasn’t much handholding (in other words, beginners beware…).  I traced the pieces onto newspaper and added seam allowances by using a sewing gauge and a fashion curve.  I picked the largest waist size and added 4cm in length which fits my  132cm -tall 7 year-old.

I made each sash double-sided (from two pieces of fabric) though from what I understand, the instructions call for one piece with the long sides folded under.

I left out the lace on the underskirt as I didn’t want to detract from the print.  Although the underskirt is 2cm longer than the print skirt, it doesn’t quite show: I guess I went a little wrong in my measurements!

The pockets on this skirt are charming: they have flaps, piping and Cute Buttons.  Along with the underskirt, they elevate this skirt pattern to something more special than a simple gathered skirt made from rectangles of fabric.  Every little girl deserves one of these!!