Gis a Flat White!

This brown number started off looking very different.  The fabric was the pale colour and softness of chamois leather (superfine needlecord from Fabric House) which I’d picked out to make an improved version of my Anna Hack, this time without the waist seam.  The pattern-drafting worked out ok but I was then visited by the Muse of Shite  who inspired me “to add interest to the design” by putting brown contrasting bands onto the sleeves.   

And as my project neared completion, I kept wondering why it was giving off such bad vibrations…  Was it that my dress-to-be looked like a cleaning lady’s overall?!  


No, I realised I’d made myself a coffee-shop uniform!  Luckily, I had some brown left in my cupboard-of-dye and so quickly drowned my shame till it came out kind of neutralised? 

But I still wear this, hearing voices in my head:

“Oi!  Ba-RISTAH!!”