Sweet Santa

I’ve been naughty lately: neither blogging nor sewing much and seeking instant gratification with RTW purchases which “afterwards left me feeling empty and unfulfilled….”   Also I left it until quite late to sort out and post my Stitching Santa parcel.  So when in the lead up to Christmas nothing arrived in the post for me, I sort of shrugged and started to mull over the idea of karma.

1-pressie-from-stitching-santaThen, on super-busy Christmas Eve Eve as we were all getting down to doing some wrapping of presents, my kids – who’ve very cleverly done some of their Christmas shopping online by getting their dad to pay – came running down the stairs: “Mum, this was with the other ones, we didn’t realise it was for you!”  My present from Stitching Santa had been in their room for several days, behind other jiffy bags all held together with a rubber band….  Not one but several gifts emerged!


I opened them during a quiet moment on Christmas day.

The first gift revealed a cute belt buckle and immediately brought me to recall two RTW garments with self-fabric belts I’d saved on my Pinterest board with the intention of copying them someday.  Well, I consider this a prompt!

The orange item is rather intriguing….

The MIY (Make it Yourself) sewing tool has a range of seam allowances, a sharp point for turning out collar tips and a guide for sewing circles (useful for marking buttons).  1-stocking

Then this cutest mini Christmas stocking appeared!  It would make a lovely decoration but I also think on future Christmases Blogstalker could hang it up, as the children do their stockings, and Petshop Santa will treat him to a few Dreamies.

And the generosity didn’t stop there. I was also given a sweet Apples and Owls sewing needle book (I didn’t have one till now), beautifully made with awesomely 1-needle-bookprecise stitching.

Finally, just as I was feeling totally undeserving, out came two vintage sewing patterns.  I love the styling of the envelopes.  Both dress designs have a Mad Men vibe and are right up my street. Did I tell you I’ve become obsessed by the idea of growing a killer work wardrobe?!

And my kind benefactor?  After getting totally the wrong end of the stick and ascribing this generosity to the wrong person, whom I thanked on her blog, I have been told by Sheila that may Santa was in fact………..

Trisha of the Small Sewing Room!


Thank you so much Trisha.

And thank you to Sheila (Sewchet) for organising  (and thinking up) Stitching Santa.  A real gift to the sewing community!

P.S. Have you heard of Leavers Lace?  No, me neither till now. To find out more go here1-british-leavers-lace

9 thoughts on “Sweet Santa

  1. What perfect gifts for you Marijana. I love that little needlecase and those patterns do indeed, look right up your street. I had to Google ‘British Leavers Lace’ so that’s something new I’ve learned today.
    I hate to tell you this but my kids still get either myself or their Dad to order Christmas gifts for them to give – we rarely see the money and they are 21 and 23!!

    • Oh, that’s hilarious! Do you at least get what you wanted?

      I’ve edited my post to include a link about Leavers Lace. You’re right: who knew?!

  2. What do you actually know about President Trump? Apparently, only what you have been spoon fed by the liberal, biased, elitist media. Everyone is of course entitled to an opinion; but it is very sad to see uninformed individuals jump on the elitism bandwagon, not even living in the USA. I would not consider myself an expert on UK affairs to spout in on Ms. May or Brexit. I leave that to the people who actually live and experience life in the UK.

    • My knowledge of Trump was based on listening to him speak during his presidential campaign alone. His inauguration speech yesterday (in which amongst other repugnant things he told the American people that God’s backing him) deepened my impressions. You assume the impact of his presidency will be for the U.S. people alone, with no consequences on the rest of the world and perhaps you’re right.

      I believe in giving people plenty of rope but that doesn’t mean I want to hang.

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