Skirt One, Skirt Two

1 JCrew Cheetah Wool ScarfRecently I’ve  noticed some very tempting Ready-to-Wear pieces of animal print labelled ‘Cheetah’, such as this ferociously expensive scarf from JCrew.  I assumed Cheetah was a just a fashionable way of saying Leopard and wondered if this faux fur I bought could be called Cheetah too.  faux leopard

But there’s an obvious difference I find, very scientifically explained here.  Cheetah fur – which looks slightly dishevelled compared to that of a sleek leopard – has spots of solid dark brown whereas leopard spots are ‘rosettes’ with a paler brown pooled inside.

Purry furry skirtThe interesting thing about my fabric is that it’s imprinted with a wavy texture which takes the nap in different directions.  I can’t help but being reminded of a certain IKEA mirror often present in student houses or in speedy home makeover programmes.  It’s called Krabb.  Oh look!  Like a right opportunist, I’m in IKEA standing next to Krabb and smiling cheesily while wearing my finished skirt!

I once snapped up a mere remnant of this fabric and made a mini as one of my first ever blogging tutorials.  It wasn’t my favourite garment but it was tactile, cute, the colours were warm and pleasantly glowing and I wore it till the lining shredded and the zip went.  This time, there was a whole bolt of the stuff in a shop on the Tesco side of Goldhawk Road.  I could have gone all-animal and made a long, curly wurly coat (and maybe I should) but instead, I bought a 1.5m and went A-line.

And there was enough to make a gathered skirt with a waistband for my daughter too.  Like the Krabb product, this was cheap, cheerful and in a pair.  But best not to be seen side by side!Leopard girl

1 cheetah hil

You want to get some meatballs now

12 thoughts on “Skirt One, Skirt Two

  1. Funky fabric! I think just a hint of animal print in a garment can really spice it up. I love it with your black boots and shirt–it really lets the print come through. And thanks for clarifying cheetah vs leopard print–I never knew what the difference was before!

  2. I love both those skirts. How wide was the fabric – you did very well with 1.5m.

    Thank you for the explanation about cheetah v leopard print. You don’t see much cheetah print around – maybe because they run too fast 😉

    Who did you get to take your photo in Ikea? Can’t have been a member of staff as they are a rarer sight than cheetah print. Don’t tell me you managed to drag your other half with you. The sight of an Ikea sign makes my ‘him indoors’ go all unnecessary – and not in a good way.

    • It was 1.5m wide.

      As for my him indoors, it helped that the furniture we’re buying is for our teenager so will probably get thrashed. But we did have the loudest argument of all the couples there bickering 🙂

  3. We only go to Ikea when there is a cup match on.

    I love this skirt. The shape is really pleasing. Animal print is so flattering, isn’t it? What sort of waistband did you go with please?

    As for the mini-me, how utterly sweet. Doesn’t she look stylish and snug on a country walk in the dirndl cheeta!

    • No waistband: I just lined it with acetate, with a top section of the lining interfaced on the wrong side. This is also understitched. I would have preferred facing but didn’t have any fabric to match the lining and didn’t want to use fur in case it bulked me up 🙂

  4. So glad to see you back sewing and in such great spirits too. Really funny comment replies – you manage to sum up everyone’s Ikea experiences! Cute skirts. What a lucky daughter to have such a talented mum.

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