Sew Long, 2013

Where did the year go?!  Oh yeah…

2013: THE MISSES (click on picture to link to original post).

1. Amy Butler Lotus

I have proof that this dress looks great on others.  When I wear it, I feel like I’m trying to impersonate someone…


2. Sonny Boy’s Present
I made this cushion as a  present for a friend of my daughter’s.  He’s 9 and I figured at his age, he’s thoroughly sick of being bestowed with a mountain of plastic clutter every birthday.  Well, I misjudged.  His comment on receiving this personalised, handcrafted bit of uniquity?  I quote:

That’s not even a present!‘ 

🙄 🙂

3. Lipstick Bleed Skeletons
After watching the Great British Sewing Bee, I quickly and manically used some remnants to made my daughter this skirt.  At the first wash, the skellies’ mouths bled so badly, their faces are now pink!


4. Surely a hundred sewing bloggers cannot be wrong

I get the impression that every blogger has sewn the Vogue 1247 skirt thrice.  Much as I loved the soft pinstripe fabric and the finish of this skirt, it’s too exacting a fit around the waist. I made it a year ago yet by mid April, when it had finally thawed and carbo-loading was no longer a strategy for daily survival, it was too big and the waistband now stands up bulkily. 


5. Turtle Neck

I put on this wrinkled-collar Renfrew whenever I want a reminder of what my neck will increasingly look like as I age. I cannot believe I took the trouble to sew something this boring. Why didn’t I at least make it in black-boring so it would at least be sexy in a jewel-thief-cliché sort of way?!

My aim for 2014 is to sew stunning!


6. So Bad I Didn’t Even Blog It

Thanks to Jane for inventing a whole new category!  The biggest skeleton of this year secret cupboard was undoubtedly my failed pair of Colette Pattern’s Clover.  The toile was so revoltingly unsuited to me that I vowed to never wear, nay, not even try on trousers again!

13 thoughts on “Sew Long, 2013

  1. I think that the skeletons MUST be remade. They are extremely adorable, so why not?
    Plus, I think that the turtle neck jumper is very pretty. …Can I have it?
    Only joking! 🙂
    Let’s raise our glasses to all Sew2Pro projects of 2014!


  2. I’ve blogged about most of my missteps, but the most egregious is still unspoken: the lack of a FBA on my sister’s ‘needs a real FBA’ shirt. She loves it. She wears it a lot. I’m thinking of breaking into her house to have it have an unfortunate accident. The shame! The shame!

    That and the lack of a good photographer/a good ‘selfie’ strategy.

    • Hi Stephanie,
      Planning to burglar your sister’s place to destroy your own work!? 😯 🙂 That’s comedy gold!

      I might do some research re the tips of good blog photos/selfies. It’s hard work relaxing in front of a camera and not looking like a rabbit stuck in headlights, I agree! My best offer of advice is: a) get a tripod b) listen to some good music.

  3. You make the misses funny! Here’s to keeping our sense of humour in 2014 and to not take ourselves or our sewing too seriously! You will sew stunning, I just know it.

  4. Ha! Ha! My clovers fell into that category too.

    You’ve forgotten to mention all your lovely successes, I hope we get to see a post on those soon. Have a lovely New Year, looking forward to following your blog next year.

  5. Your misses look funny 🙂 I missed the Stuart skirt – brilliant idea with skeletons! You totally should be on the next series of Sewing Bee! Looking forward to your hits of 2013. Happy New Year! 🙂

  6. The fallen mannequin was one of my blog highlights of 2013. Hilarious! I’m hoping you have one or two fails this year, as it does make for good reading – sorry!

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