Quick Drac Cape

You could make this out of some bin bags, with a strip cut off for use as neck ribbon (the ribbon can be stapled on, with the ends of the staples on the outside so as not to scratch or damage clothing).  I‘m not cheap though!  I used 2.5m of satin which is enough “wing” for a teenager or a small mum.  For a tall adult, 3m would do. 

For good shimmer, use the smoother, shinier side of the satin as the outside of the cape.

I actually made 6 of these for a show at my kid’s school using the instructions provided by another mum.  I was impressed by how effective her design was and thought it might help some rushed soul out there if I prepared these instructions.

You will need:

• 2.5m of a black fabric, preferably satin.  The width of the fabric (here 150cm) is your centre back

• 80cm – 1m of black (satin) ribbon, at least 2.5cm wide

• Pinking shears

• Thread


1. Fold your fabric in half along long side and cut out a small quarter circle for the neck and a larger quarter circle on the other side.  When opened up, the fabric should look like the above diagram.  The distance from A to B (the diameter of the smaller circle) should be about 12cm or you could work out your own using this formula:

Diameter = Neck circumference ÷ Π.

For cutting, use pinking shears if possible so as to eliminate the need for hemming the bottom of the cape (this would take a while).

2. If you’re posh 🙂 hem the sides by folding under twice.

Otherwise, you can keep the selvedges and save yourself some time.

3. To shape the cape, add two darts, both placed 8cm away from the centre back.  Press towards centre (on low heat!).  This gives the cape a nice squared off back.

4.  Attach the ribbon. Mark the centre of the ribbon.  Double fold and pin the neck edge then sew the ribbon onto the right side of the cape, matching centres. 

The ribbon should thus form a kind of small collar.

Now enjoy the bleeding victims!

9 thoughts on “Quick Drac Cape

  1. The new Dracula movie is being made just up the road from work and the other day I saw a man in a hi-vis jacket standing around waiting – on the back of his jacket were the words’ ” Dracula – Transport”. I couldn’t help but think of all those coffins he had to lug about everyday to the movie set and then back again to wherever……

    That’s a mighty fine scary cape. The shoulder darts make all the difference and I’m sure the mini-Draculas appreciate them.

    • Thanks Ruth!

      It’s always exciting when a film is being made in the neighbourhood.

      I hope the Dracula Transport really appreciates the importance of his role… keep an eye in case he starts to look wan and wasted.

    • I’ve not thought of that but you’re right. And they add instant drama.

      I’m finding it hard to ‘comment’ on your blog but I do keep up regularly and enjoy the variety of your makes!

  2. It’s that time when your kids ask you last-minute if they are allowed to go ‘Trick-Or-Treating’ again! They don’t have an outfit, or they just DON’T want to wear last year’s costume; too BORING!

    So, make them this vampire cape!

    Then you can buy a make-up kit for kids at Sainsbury’s and give them finishing touches; it looks very good!


  3. This REALLY looks like the style of cape that I want to use for my Golden Age “Mystery Man” outfit!
    Thanks for the pattern/style.

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