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  1. Hi
    My sister tells me you may be interested in making me a mad 1950s dress to go to this years grand prix, but we leave early Wed next week & the fabric has not arrived yet( but due). I am easily a size 18, I have the net petticoat already, the fabric is described as a heavy cotton. I was going to try to make a circular skirt as good for the 2″ check, the bodice fitted with short fitted sleeves & neck straight across if easier to do for the fabric. It’s a lot to ask of you I know so I thought I’d send you details. We drive to Silverstone , are you near Greenwich ? Thanks for even being interested, your blog pics look FAB. Let me know your thoughts,
    Warm regards

  2. I found your site when I was looking up information on Tomoko Nakamichi as I love her Pattern Magic series. I loved reading about you “hole” dress. It’s lovely. I was intrigued by your fight with asymmetry because I love the unbalanced and with it, creating a balance of sorts. I thought that had you only made one “hole” sleeve, placing it opposite the side dress “hole” your garment would have been more balanced causing less tug at the neckline? Also, with so much weight at the top, I think a longer length skirt might have created a very stylish design. The shorter skirt gave it a bunchy look.

    I am anxious to work with the P M concepts and wish I knew you when you issued the challenge. I am looking forward to getting your blogs. I like you candid writing style.

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