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1 nipples1 kate's mugI know what you’re thinking.  “These lurid post titles of hers are clickbait-desperate!”  But what else to call it?  When I found this plastic-coated, bumpy material at a stall in Bromley market, I immediately recalled my friend Kate’s ceramic and celebrated  nipples mug which I love to wrap my hands around whenever we drink coffee.  I inspected it, wondering what I could do with it and noticing it had stretch.  “Where does this come from?” I asked the stall-holder.  He smiled (finally!  Thank you 🙂 ) saying it’s from Ann Summers.

1 inverted1 kennethI got home shouting “look at this nipple fabric, whereupon my doubting Thomas of a husband said the appearance was more like bubble-wrap.  But then he pressed in one of the raised bumps and it.. well, inverted!

My kids are impressed by the fabric’s futuristic credentials.  This would work grandly for costumes in Dr Who.  And I love how from certain angles it looks like a carapace or armour.  Have you seen anything like it, either in fabric sales or on RTW?  I’ve tried to find out more with a combination of search terms on Google but to no avail. I know that dark blue and green had also been available.

1 Nipples dress1 back zip

It was cheap – possibly reject – as it has quite a few flaws: creases and areas where the plastication is absent, which you can spot at the centre back zip.  I didn’t have enough to be picky about placement and in any case, as you can probably guess, this isn’t a dress to be worn too seriously!1 bye

1 sampleThe horizontal stretch is slight; too much pulling apart and the fabric deforms beyond recovery gaining the strange appearance of laddered tights 😯 .   Although it was only slightly temperamental to sew (I had to look out for skipped stitches), the hardest part to making this dress was not being able to press seams nor shape them as under the iron, the material darkens and the bumps flatten.

I used the Renfrew T-shirt pattern, size 8, elongated with the aid of my skirt block where I left the darts unsewn.  After the first fitting, I added bust darts (which sadly took off 3cm from the final length) plus contour darts at the back. And though I love making corded piping, it doesn’t really work here as there isn’t that sharp, flat edge that I would have achieved had I been able to use an iron.

You might think but where’s a girl to wear a dress like this to?!”  Well, I’m wearing it to the screening of the Rocky Horror Show tonight!

1 magenta space girl

Magenta, Domestic Goddess and Style Icon, plus her embarrassing brother

21 thoughts on “Nipples Dress

  1. I can’t even imagine what Ann Summers would use it for. Surely not knickers. A corset maybe? Perhaps they just wanted it in their shops so people could say ‘nipples’ a lot. Anyway, as you say, it would make a brilliant Dr. Who costume and has resulted in an equally good dress to wear to any Rocky Horror Show event.
    The photo of Kenneth Williams was particularly well placed – it made me laugh out loud.
    Have a great time tonight and don’t stand close to any naked flames 😮

  2. Totally and absolutely unique! You’re the best at that.
    I’m just asking….but is it still acceptable to go to Rocky Horror in character when one is over 50? I have been to many, many screenings in stockings and basque with newspaper on my head but that was waaay back….this dress bridges the gap perfectly and I am NOT suggesting you are over 50, that’s me I’m talking about!

    • Sadly there weren’t many dressed up women there but the overriding message of the evening was that Rocky Horror audiences are accepting of everyone! So I think all would be welcome as long as they’re prepared to dance silly. I’m delighted to hear you’re a fan… and why am I not surprised!

      We had a teenager (16) in our group so did our best to accept him too 🙂 We hope he isn’t permanently traumatised!

  3. Marianna, I labeled my last post “beaver love,” so you are in good company. I would perhaps have called this a “riveter” dress. 🙂 In any case, it’s pretty cool and I like the colour a lot. I hope your remembered to take a lighter tonight (says she who last saw a screening of RHPS in maybe 1992…)

  4. Been trying to pursuade the second child to go with his pals to RHPS, so far no dice. I saw it the first time with my friend and her grandmother, who loved all the old movie references and liked Tim Curry’s legs.
    I love this dress. I love the collar and damn but matching sandals! I am working on another Dalek dress print, this one in red. I think this is the one that turns into the cocktail dress for the more formal Whovian events in my life. The end result is going to be one outfit for each season. Because I’m 56 and I can get away with it now.

  5. Not that I have a bizarre predeliction for obscure fabric, but the stall you mention in Bromley – would you recommend for more ‘ordinary’ cloth.

    • If it’s nearby, yes, Kirsten, though perhaps I wouldn’t travel from afar in a hunt for a specific fabric as it would be too hit and miss. A couple of nice Liberty prints there at the moment IMO (£10) and last year I found lovely wool for my coat
      Just to be clear, I mean the fabric stall on the side of the Office shoe shop and the Library, rather than the stall on the M&S side. Thurs – Saturday only.

  6. whoah Marianna, scatalogical indeed. You’re in good company luv! I suggest you avoid anyone having taken ‘E’. You know how they can get all handsy, they’ll be poking your nipples all night!

  7. Ha ha. The runt of the litter! And I was just thinking it looks a bit like pigskin to me. I remember drawing attention to the nipples on a piece of belly pork, much to the horror of one of our guests. Glad you had a nice night out M, and I noticed the shoes immediately – fancy having matching footwear.

  8. Screechingly funny! Inverted ? A magnificent dress for Rocky Horror. I would love to go but The Management would die if I dressed up. Old fart.
    I hope you had a ball (and time warped embarrassingly!)

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