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Ever fallen in love with someone who at first sight didn’t appeal at all?  Well, that’s the story of me and Laurel!  A month ago when the pattern was released, I was decidedly underwhelmed.  “Hang on, that’s not a pattern, that’s a block!” I thought.  But of course, Sarai, who thinks of everything, had foreseen the reaction of sceptics such as myself and produced not only a booklet with tempting ideas on how to vary the design, she’d also thrown in a challenge in the form of a competition to see who can come up with yet more creative interpretations.  Which got me thinking along the lines of: “but it looks like it’d be really quick!”  And: “those sleeves are so feminine.”  And: “I could do with a dress that’s practical… where’s that credit card?”  🙄 🙂

Having already garnered a few compliments IRL on my muslin, I can now safely declare Laurel to be my feelgood dress of the summer.  And I want to share it with (one of) you.  For a chance to win my used but respectfully preserved pattern, leave a comment below.  Worldwide commentators welcome! 

I’ll also be drawing for three other Colette patterns from the stash:

–  the Clover, which I sadly made into porkBut you’d be luckier!

– the Sophia Lauren-inspired Lily, and

– the versatile Jasmine.


You may specify which draw you would, or wouldn’t, like to be entered into.  If you don’t, I’ll enter you into all 4.  The draw is on May the 1st.


The Laurel Muslin Review

I used a 1.5m of a full-width, light cotton to make Version 3 with the following adjustments/modifications:

1. French Seam: as my fabric is perforated and I didn’t want the seams to show, I used a French seam throughout, including in the sleeves.  

2. I shortened the length by 5cm (or 2″ in Colette-speak) so as to wear as a tunic or to the beach.

3. I widened and lowered the neckline.  Since these photos were taken, I’ve lowered it again by another 1cm so as to cut out the hook and eye at the back (I didn’t like how this sat).  The new lower front also works better with  this lapis lazuli necklace brought back by my mum from her travels in Chile.  

4. I made bias binding twice the  specified width

5. The waist seam: narrowed and made more vertical  than out-curving.

Time taken: most of a day, not including the reworking of the neck.  Would have been quicker if it wasn’t for the French seams.

Next time: I feel a slight pull towards the back so on my pattern copy I’ve moved the shoulder seam forward 0.5cm at the neck and 1cm at the shoulder.

And, oh look what indigo beauty I found browsing round Hobbs!  My version cost £20: pattern, fabric an’ all.

37 thoughts on “Laurel Giveaway

  1. You look lovely and what a fine choice of fabric well worth the extra work. I have always wanted a Colette pattern and now I have a chance to receive one…. even a chance is great. Thank you from Canada.

  2. Like you I was underwhelmed by the Laurel and I don’t need another shift dress pattern, but…..I have always found the Jasmine blouse to be just lovely and probably perfect for work with my collection of skirts 🙂
    Thanks for the opportunity to get my hands on the pattern!

  3. Ooh, what a lovely Laurel! I wasn’t sold on the pattern either, but I’m entranced by all the beautiful versions being made! That blue is great on you!

    You’ve got a great selection of Colette patterns there – I’d love to give any of them a try! Thanks!

  4. I was extremely underwhelmed with Laurel upon release, too… even with all the possibilities Sarai shares. But then I’ve been seeing some really nice versions on different body shapes and I’m pleasantly surprised!! I’d love to win either Laurel (I’d love to try it now!) or the Lily dress (which I’ve been eyeing for some time.) Thanks for the review of the pattern and the great giveaway.

  5. Do you know that the French seam is called “couture anglaise” in French? Well I already have too many patterns, but Colette patterns are sooo nice!

  6. I was also underwhelmed by the Laurel, and that hadn’t been changed by any versions that I’d seen – until now!! Just goes to show what the right fabric can do..! Really nice!
    And please may I enter for a Jasmine pattern? Thanks 🙂

  7. I love how you made the plain looking pattern into such a wearable (for many occasions) dress. Please enter me in your draw! 🙂

  8. What lovely fabric you have used – so pretty!

    Thank you for the chance of getting hold of these patterns – I would be delighted with either the Laurel or the Lily 🙂

  9. I was also very underwhelmed with the Laurel pattern but have been seeing so many different versions of it my mind is being changed.
    Your version looks great!

  10. Oh how generous – thank you! I’d love to try to Lauren please. I love your version and as we’re heading into winter here layering would be perfect with tights and a merino long sleeve. Thankyou!

  11. I couldn’t see the attraction in this pattern before but your dress is lovely; I can imagine living in something like that during the summer. Where did you get the fabric from?

    Don’t worry about entering me for the giveaway I’m still enjoying my bag from last time.

    • Jane
      The fabric is from Jeff who comes to Hayes (BR2) Village Hall once a month. If you like, let me know if you’re free on any of his Fridays and I can meet you there. He also has a shop in Wanstead but I’ve not made it there.

      This was £3 a metre and it was originally cream but I had some leftover Dylon Jeans Dye.

  12. What a lovely rendition of the Laurel! Well done; I agree with the other comments, until I saw “live” versions I really didn’t think this dress would be for me. I’d be so excited to have any of the patterns, thank you very much for such a generous offer!


  13. I love your version of laurel very much. It fits you well and doesn’t seem baggy. The fabric is nice. My measurments are close to yours, so I will consider going downsize.
    I would like to try jasmine 🙂

  14. Hope I’m still in time. I’ve never sewn before but this looks great and I’d really love to give it a go 🙂

  15. What a lovely giveaway. I have just enetered the Collete Competition for the Laurel, but would love to give the others a whirl!

  16. (I was going to say no need to enter me in the giveaway but, I just saw the deadline passed anyway :P) Your Laurel looks lovely! Excellent fabric choice.

    • Thanks Jennifer! Did you enter the contest? This pattern has a grace and simplicity that would suit you perfectly. But it is on the big side in the waist and hips IMO. I’d probably downed at least one size below the bust.

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