Iris Winner

Thanks so much for your comments on my holiday wardrobe and for entering the Iris Giveaway.  The winner of the draw is Susan.  Susan, I’ve emailed you.  Enjoy the shorts!

Nane guessed I was in Croatia.  Lakaribane, you must be a detective! 

Split was the retirement home of a Roman Emperor and later a part of the Venetian republic so the Roman and Italian influences are strong. 

The waterfalls are on the River Krka, a short drive away in Central Dalmatia.

A note to Mary: I think it’s wonderful you’ve got yourself some Viva Frida fabric.  Please let me know when you make your dress!

Marianna xx

4 thoughts on “Iris Winner

  1. I am looking forward to receiving your pattern! I live in La Paz Baja California Sur, we wear shorts all year!
    And this was a clever contest. I enjoyed seeing you in your creations in different places.
    Thank you,
    I will review your pattern on Pattern Review.

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