Feelgood Hits of 2013

After a rate of almost a garment a week in 2012, this was a quieter and less impulsive year of sewing.  I made outfits for others and invested time in picking up tailoring techniques (canvasing up, making pockets and bound buttonholes).  

But as I still  don’t seem to have the right thing to wear half the time, I’m glad I’ve added the following mini-gems to the wardrobe.  Here’s the countdown with the most favourite at number 1 (click the pics for links):

5. Two Peas in a Pod

Pattern Magic that’s wearable?! How novel!  I didn’t think I’d get much out of a T-shirt that makes me look like I’ve swallowed someone.  But for a one-day job – half of it spent at the photocopier – this shrink pattern/enlarge pattern experiment paid off.

I’d file this under “Barmy, but works for me“!


4. Anna

May 2014 bring me a small castle in which to wear this medieval princess number.   Actually forget that.  I just need lots of long days of summer.

There’s a subtext to this Anna project as I was persuaded to make it by a very good friend who’s also really caught the sewing bug.  One of the highlights of the year have been our fabric-acquisition expeditions to Goldhawk Road and Walthamstow!

That’s right, readers: one more woman with a stash problem!

3. Cactus

Not as prickly as I’d feared!

2. Teal Isn’t Just For Ducks, You Know

I attempted to design an interesting pattern and though it needs tweaking, this muslin is so vibrant and mood enhancing that I want to wear it all the time.

Shame then that it’s too draughty!

And finally…

1. Zen Charmer
The Alexander Henry print steals the show here; the pattern is the simple Laurel.  But I’m quite proud of having matched the two to make a dress that plays with the idea of a Chongsam without being so enclosing around the neck as a traditional Chinese dress.  I’ve not had one bad day in this dress. It must be magic or something…

Anyway, thank you all for reading my blog this year.  It was great to steadily increase readership and I’m always encouraged along by your feedback and comments.   Stick around in 2014: we’re going places!


P.S.  Here’s another list of good things that happened (it’s actually just an excuse to sneak in a picture of Blogstalker!).

5. Best car song: Counting Stars, One Republic

4. Favourite album: Like Clockwork, QOTSA

3. Best Book: To Kill a Mockingbird, Harper Lee (reread after 27 years)

2. Best cinema trip: Life of Pi

And …

1. The hot summer of 2013! I finally got to wear the summer dresses I made last year…

10 thoughts on “Feelgood Hits of 2013

  1. Watch out or Richard Parker will get so fed up of his new nickname and rip your eyes out O_O ….
    Or your new garments!
    Watch out!

    Make sure he’s not going to be the fabric source for your next project! 😀
    And you have made a VERY good list of favorites for 2013. Well done!

  2. All lovely garments – I particularly like the ‘two peas’ top. It is one I have been looking at making for myself for some time now and yours looks so good I have just bumped it up the queue.
    I read ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ for the first (and definitely not the last) time this year. A fabulous book.
    And so was Life of Pi. Keep showing us Blogstalker – I love him!

  3. Great items! I especially like the “cactus” top – very unusual fabric, never sew it before! I’m ashamed to say I still haven’t read To Kill a Mockingbird.. And Life of Pi was my only trip to cinema last year..

  4. All lovely! I like the way you mix bought patterns with clothes you’ve designed yourself.

    To Kill a Mocking Bird is one of my favourite books as well. We went to see it at the Regent’s Park theatre last summer which was fabulous – so good that they are performing it again this year http://openairtheatre.com

  5. I love your Laurel which uses AH fabric of which I am a huge fan. And if you made whilst listening to QOTSA that’s a double whammy! Glad I found your blog! I will follow!

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