Emergency Sorbetto

Call me shallow, but there’s nothing in my view as reprehensible, shocking and absolutely vile as a T-shirt tan

Which is exactly what I ended up with after gallivanting in the sunshine wearing my Iris Shorts and the Jasmine I’d made especially to go with them.  Emergency measures required that quickly, while the sunshine lasts, I make a sleeveless.  I had the same mock-Liberty lawn that I’d used for Jasmine and I was keen to use it as the cotton is so light and the colours look great with a tan.  Unfortunately, it was a leftover patch of about half a metre in an annoyingly irregular shape of a small cowhide.  This meant I had to pick the smallest size I could get away with (2); also, I couldn’t cut the wide front piece in one but put in some seam allowances and added the pleat separately.  If you look closely, you may notice that the direction of the print on front left is different to that on the pleat and the right.  Let that be our little secret though!

This was the first time I’ve used a downloadable pattern; also the first time I’ve used one that’s free.  I think I’ve always had a slight mistrust of either.  The good news is that with the Sorbetto, the instructions are foolproof: you absolutely get the same hand-holding detail and clear graphics as with the purchasable Colettes.

I printed out pages 10-25 only.  I used glue instead of tape and didn’t slice off more margins than necessary.  It didn’t take long!  When fitting the top, I decided to lower the armholes by 1cm and the neckhole front by 2.5cm (I’m wearing this in the sun, not church!).

Now I must go as the bailiff is pounding my trailer door.  Till I get back, will someone please give me good advice on what to do about my white skin-shorts!?   😯

12 thoughts on “Emergency Sorbetto

  1. Thanks for the link here , have printed off the pattern and will aim to run something up this afternoon. Have loads of leftovers that would be perfect for this. I usually find Collette patterns a bit big, so will use a smallish size. your top goes brilliantly with the shorts!

    • Yes, they’re big. Finished garments measurements are more helpful than sizing. Good luck! Hope to see the top.

  2. Glad to see you are making the most of the sun – you know it can’t last!! I haven’t downloaded a PDF pattern yet because I dread all the gluing/taping/faffing. Is your comment ‘it didn’t take long’ a sarcastic one?
    BTW your tan looks nice and even to me.

    • Hi Tialys,
      Oh no, no sarcasm at all 🙂 There are only two pattern pieces and no faffing… but I think it helps to use glue and leave some of the margins in (and overlap) rather than cut them all off first then tape together.

      The tan is lovely (thanks) thanks to lots of running in my vest recently. But my white ‘shorts’ are horrible and I can’t go any shorter there….

  3. Hi tried the pattern with some leftovers, didn’t make a toile obv, thought I’d put a tuck in instead of sewing down a pleat but not a good look. Will unpick and do the pattern properly ! Will also lower armholes and raise shoulders and change bust dart and do all those things the sewing teachers tell you…
    Also…size 0 will fit me… , got to be some sort of joke…! I’m sure it will be worth it in the end to get an easy to wear and stylish top. Just seen a sleeveless liberty top in upmarket shop for…..£95!

    • Some people would do anything to be size 0 🙂

      Shame you had to do so many adjustments though; not a quick make for everyone, clearly. Better results though.

  4. I think the only remedy for the ‘skin-shorts’ affliction is to fake tan the white bits and then incorporate the fake tan into the real tan in stages!

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