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Sew2pro: a blog for steady progress from flops to couture

Hi, I’m Marijana Urbany, a self-taught dressmaker and pattern cutter in South London who is making a (tentative) move towards sewing for a living.  I strive to make beautifully fitted clothes with couture touches.

Contact me via the address below – I’m not as scary as I pretend!

If you have a project you would like to see realised but lack the time or the skill to make it, do get in touch.  I welcome unusual projects, dresses for clients with fitting issues and Pattern Magic.

Otherwise, follow my blog or check in every week or so as I update with details of clothes I’ve made for myself or others and pass on what I’ve learnt, or failed to (that would be the flops).



17 thoughts on “The Blogger

  1. Very informative! I like the way you have explained how you made your dresses. Your daughter’s coat is fabulous.

    • Thanks very much! Next Monday we’re off to the pub after class for an end of term meal! Please join us if you can!

  2. Hi Marianna
    I’m Adrian’s friend, we met at the exhibition. He sent me the link. Love the blog, and your sewing is amazing, I wish I was good as talented as you! I’ll definitely be following, Eleanor

  3. Trying so hard to draft a pencil skirt I see u have the basic sloper can u do a tutorial on how to make it into a pencil skirt or please email me the extra instructions please! Thanks!

  4. can you help me please i am making a dress from 1900
    i am very good with sleeves but this on has me stumped
    top cap is pleated thankyou for showing how thats done
    from topcap to elbow it appears to be pipe design to elbow
    beacuse it is very bagy from cap to elbow
    then skin tight to wrist
    if i do the 45degree angle to the elbow i get the mutton design
    which this is not
    i can not match my lines up to reach the lenght of the arm hole
    if i go out 45 from elow then stright up you can see the bend
    and it looks wrong i am using scrap material for each new line
    i draw but i am at a lost
    is there any chance i could send a picture
    yours sincerly
    australia calling

  5. Lovely, LOVELY blog, Marianna! You’ve inspired me to learn to sew… the (jeez, could I make life harder for my self) way – that is, using Akiko Mano’s lovely book (in French).

    I look forward to sewing in English one day.

    Meanwhile – how do YOU create accurate seam allowances when tracing patterns? I’ve googled it, of course, but just wondered how you do it? Must add, I’ve been adding .5cm to everything because I’m a happy novice and this – literally – cuts me a little slack :)


  6. Dear Marianna,

    I access your website accasionally. Thanks for your detailed sewing process .

    I like fashion design very much. I have been learning drawing for 2 years. Currently, I persist do some basic drawing practice, such as clothing pictures. Hope I can get my first sewing machine soon, then try to make some nice dresses with the methods you provided. Don’t worry, I mean I wanna learn some methods rather than copy directly.

    Dress making should be my dream. I will follow your website. Wish you can creat more new works.

    May I ask are you in the UK? I studied business in the UK for three years. Hope I’ll be back soon.

    Warmly Regards,


    • Hi Autumn
      I think it’s great that you are going to take up sewing. Let me know how it progresses. Good luck!
      Marianna (yes, in the UK)

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