Company of Wolves

1 claylike replacementNl 6459: Rip her to shredsMy friend’s dog jumped up to greet me, his paws on my belly, his claws stuck into the eyelets of my favourite dress.  As I heard a tearing sound, I quickly took his paws thinking, ‘maybe I can fix this,‘ but he slipped, catching himself on a lower rung (so to speak).  Cue more ripping sounds.

I crumpled with laughter.  I love being part of comedy 🙂  My friend though was mortified!  She wanted to take me into the nearest shop and buy me something to wear so I wouldn’t have to go around looking like I’d been savaged by wolves.

Buy me something?!  What, and deprive me of an excuse to make a new dress!?!

1 new look 6459 back viewI love a halter neck dress; all that uninterrupted sunshine on one’s back!  This brown replacement was made in an emergency and it shows.  Maybe I was getting bored of the pattern – New Look 6459, my most  ever made, in all its variations – and sewed in auto-pilot as I realise looking at these pictures that I’ve made it too small.  It’s hard to get this one right: the bodice has to be tight otherwise the strapless back sags.   But I didn’t have to make it tight around the waist and bum!

The fabric is Indian block print cotton, light as lawn and from Simply Fabrics.  It was an impulse buy which I soon regretted.  The colours are earthy and dull.  I worry I look like a mound of clay so I’ve tried to lift it by adding a bit of sparkle in the form of bronze-coloured ricrac.  Shame it sinks into the underarm flesh so you can hardly tell.1 close up w strange beads

But at least I get to wear my strange beads with it.  These two necklaces mysteriously appeared in my house some years ago.  I’d assumed my mum had brought them for my daughter to play with.  I took a liking to them and kept finding outfits that match though the string is prone to breaking and each time I lose a bit of the length.  Once whilst I was wearing them, a woman gave them, and me, a long, curious look, like she wanted to talk to me which struck me as odd, but later a friend saw them and looked similarly surprised.  Guess what she said they’re made of?

Clue: you’d have to have been around in the 70s!

16 thoughts on “Company of Wolves

  1. Cute dress, all the same! I was definitely around in the 70s, but I have no idea what the beads are made of. The dark brown kind of looks like coral, at least in shape..but then I can’t see much on my BB.

  2. I’m very partial to brown Marianna, this looks great on you. In fact at first glance I thought this might have been Louis Vuitton inspired fabric! Have you ever tried shirring the back (after adding a little extra). I used that technique on a similar dress, unfortunately my shirring should have been closer together and much tighter, but I’d do it again. I reckon that would look really fun on this style. Looks like you’ve been stocking up on the vitamin D for winter time! Good colours all round!

    • Ooh, I like the Louis Vuitton idea: you’re right, the hues are the same. And the shirred back is a great idea too. Why didn’t I think of that when in the past I’ve made similar for my daughter?

  3. Dogs eh? You’ve got to love ’em 😉 Despite being around in the 70s I can’t guess what your necklace is made of – the pale cylindrical jobbies I thought might be bone but then somebody else has said macaroni and now I can’t get that out of my mind. If you mean the little brown bits though, I don’t know. I await the reveal when I get back from my holiday.

  4. Oops, I’ve misled you all and need to give a better clue.

    I like the macaroni idea but the beads themselves are seeds and stems, all plant material. But before becoming necklaces they were strung together for a different purpose. What was it?

  5. One of those curtains of stringed beads people used to put across their doors? I think they were supposed to stop insects from coming in but I’m not sure, they may just have been a fashion

    • That’s it, well done: they’re made of bead curtains. My friend, who designed my header, has a pretty good eye and swears they’re the same bead pattern she used to play with on the kitchen ‘curtain’.

    • Oh thank you (you’re too kind!!). I’m shocked at looking at the blue dress I made two years ago just how much younger I looked then!

      But hey, like Mick said, Time waits for no one!

  6. I love brown, especially when it is dark and peaty like this, and and not too warm. I love this dress shape on you – it’s so stylish and flattering. I just hope we get a few more nice days so you can drift around like a bit of a hippy with your melon seed necklace.

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