Colette Iris Giveaway

Prompted by Jennifer’s Make it, Wear It Summer Holiday challenge, I’ve made a gallery of my holiday wardrobe pictures.  But can you guess where I am?

Here are the Iris shorts worn during a spot of site-seeing, to give you an idea.  When I made them last month, I traced the pattern so it is intact, sized 0-18, and ready to be dispatched to one lucky reader who leaves a comment below telling me:

a) where do you think I went (I don’t expect you to guess but would be interested in your impressions!)


b) which outfit you like best.


Here are the clues/contenders:

Burda 7378 proved the most worn outfit: not too clingy in the midday 32°C+ (90°F) temperatures.  Also, I suspect the lime colour creates a welcome refreshing effect.

I swam just below that waterfall, btw!

 Here I am consoling an over-dressed doggy.

Here, I was looking out for a spotty doggie but instead found this funny-faced fella made of stone.

Also popular was my Zen Charmer skirt, worn here with the Pleated Neckline top.  I’d carried a heavy bag just before and rubbing against it, my skirt had worked its way around till it was completely back to front (no, my photographer couldn’t have cared less to tell me…).  Isn’t it infuriating when skirts do that?!

Doesn’t the Pleated Neckline match my lunch nicely?  A warning to anyone on a date: Black Risotto is not a suitable choice of dish.  The squid ink dyes your teeth black!  And that is not all…

If, on the other hand, your date is Rob Zombie

Being away from my sewing got me feeling creatively frustrated till I had the brilliant idea to draw on a wall.  Whilst wearing my New Look 6459 hybrid.

Someone called the police and I thought of a quick getaway on this bike…

But my skirt was too tight: from the waist down, the dress is a Basic Skirt Block so saddles aren’t an option…  Luckily, the local policemen, who looked young and at the same time….antiquated, were too encumbered by their uniforms to catch me.

I only wore the beloved Jasmine once: it was too hot for sleeves!

My own prize for the Feelgood Dress of the Summer goes to Viva Frida, worn just once to a reunion at my primary school. 

The colours looked deep and gorgeous at dusk and lost none of their saturation after it got dark.  Though I got home at 1:30am, I managed to extract myself from the bra diverters without too much hassle…

Can’t wait to wear the dress again: Indian summer anyone?!

The Iris Giveaway Draw

I’ll be drawing the winner on Monday 17th September.  When you comment, please ensure I have your email so that I can contact you if you’re the one! 

Good luck!!

P.S. That ghostly graffiti isn’t really my own work, you know…



12 thoughts on “Colette Iris Giveaway

  1. What a fun way to host a giveaway! (As I already own the Iris pattern, please exclude me from entry.) I’m not exactly sure where you went but, it’s obviously Mediterranean and I’m obviously jealous! 🙂 All of your outfits look great and suit the setting quite well. I think my favorite though, is the green dress.

  2. You are in Rome I believe. Because of you I have some of that Frieda fabric in my stash. Next summer I will also have a Frieda sundress. Thanks.

  3. I had to look up the black risotto because we have something similar but with a black mushroom, not a fish (?). So I think you are in Croatia. According to wikipedia, the city of Split is full of Roman ruins. And Roman soldiers.

  4. One day I hope to have a large enough handmade wardrobe so I can wear it for like a whole vacation. You look great in shorts btw!
    I would guess somewhere in Italy.

  5. I am not sure where you were, but I enjoyed the pictures and the commentary.
    Please exclude me from the drawing. I don’t need any more patterns.
    I liked the top and print skirt outfit the best

  6. Oh summer hols and lovely handmade threads. You look wonderfully cool and relaxed, and so wonderfully colourful. Hmmm, I didn’t know the effects of eating squid ink risotto, um, extended beyond blackening your mouth ….. I thought asparagus and beetroot were bad enough LOL.

    Please leave me out of the draw as I too have far too many projects on my list and patterns are best for folk who will use them this century!!

  7. Wow! Looking at those pictures and your wardrobe I was green with envy, greener than your green dress, which happens to be my favourite.
    I wish I had been able to have a quick chat with those Roman soldiers ( good fellas ) in Latin just to brush it up a bit.

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