Bloody your hands on a cactus tree,

wipe it on your dress and send it to me.”

The Pixies, Cactus

Cactus, Levi 921, Hush Puppies

Soon as I first laid eyes on this superfine lawn with a photograph-like print of cactus, I was reminded of that Pixies song from the brilliant album I still love so much.  I’d spot it every time I went to one of Jeff’s fabric shows.  It never seemed to diminish on its bolt.  I’d be all over it, thinking, “Nice, but what kind of person would wear cacti all over themselves?!”.

And it gradually dawned, “Er, me….” 

The Pattern: Colette Laurel, redrafted with a scooped neck and a Peter Pan collar.  For drafting the collar, I followed the instructions in my Adele Margolis ‘Primer’ but here’s a similar tutorial.

The inspiration: this lovely Laurel contest winner in silk.

The cost: £8 for one metre of fabric, £3 for a concealed zip, £3 for bias binding, thread and cord  = £16

A great wardrobe filler though I probably won’t be getting too many hugs in it.

15 thoughts on “Cactus

    • Hi Jane
      It’s hard to leave empty-handed as there’s usually something unexpected or a good deal. Having said that, I wouldn’t take a day off work just for the show, especially as all the fabrics are in Jeff’s shop in Wanstead.

    • Thanks Valerie. I think you’re right. It’s nice when you see people suddenly notice and they either smile or look surprised.

  1. This looks great, it fits you beautifully and I like what you’ve done with the neckline. The fabric, at least in the photographs, is quite subtly cacti, if you get my drift, so you might still get lots of hugs.

  2. A super top. However, it seems to me to be a little tight round the ribcage; even with the presence of thin blubber cushioning the ribs, it can be thorny to wear it comfortably.

  3. Oh I too like this top – the cactus is great fun too. I hope you are enjoying wearing it, in all its prickly glory.

    Plus thanks for the links for the collar. Very useful.

  4. This piece is so beautiful! I’ve scoured the internet and have had no luck finding a print that compares. Can you post a link where this fabric can be purchased?

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