Bubble and Squeak

A new baby should be a cause for great joy and celebration,  especially when that baby is of the fur variety!  Meet Django, a Hungarian Vizsla!  Before meeting our friends’ new pup for the first time, dear daughter insisted on using her pocket money to buy him a toy.  And while this rope of tasteful, plastic sausages certainly seemed to delight him, Django seemed equally enticed by the dangly hems of our dresses which he kept jumping up to bite.  And there’s a lot of hem to bite on a Bubble Dress!

This is my second attempt at Akiko Mano’s cover pattern, made exactly a year after the first.  I decided to lengthen the size 8 by a whole 7cm (no change to the width) which required a lot more fabric for the tent-like pattern.  Would you believe this dress needed 3 metres, with nothing but some triangular scraps left over?!  But at £3.50 a metre (from Rolls and Rems) for a cool seersucker in colours of flowers and pistachio ice-cream, it’s a bargain I think!  

And what do you reckon Mika, the family cat, made of Django’s antics?! 

19 thoughts on “Bubble and Squeak

  1. Oh yes, plastic dog toys are always so tasteful, whether it be a string of ferrari red sausages or a life-sized dead goose! We always have success with a plastic milk container with a few dog treats inside. Keeps Truffle occupied for ages, but I’m sure the neighbours wonder what the terrible noise is as he chases it round the garden. The dress is very cute and practical and your daughter looks so sweet as always.

    • Thanks Megan!

      I like the tip about the milk container toy which I’ll pass on to my friend (do you mean Truffle plays with it till he breaks it open like a piñata?!)

      And thanks for the dead goose toy tip. I’ll get Django one for Christmas. It’s exactly what his owners’ beautiful home is lacking!

  2. Aw, too cute! Fur babies are my favourite (no offense to human babies). That bubble dress is just adorable, your daughter looks very well dressed. Kitty (my cat) Loved our dog when she was still with us. More than he loved me, for sure! But he’s a unique soul as I’m sure you’ve noted if you’ve been to the blog. We actually just got back from swimming at the beach in my last post 🙂

  3. Wow! What a story, what a dress, what a pup! The cat is not bad either and I share its disgust for plastic sausages although with modern food industry there’s not much difference.

  4. Love the dress, what ages does the pattern go up to? Rolls n Rems is one of my favourite hangouts too. I also love the fabric stall that is outside in Lewisham market on certain days. If you rummage through the nasty synthetics you occasionally find some great bargains. I have bought some lovely woven viscose with vintagey prints for £2 a metre and some stripey cotton end bits for £1 and made some lovely gypsy skirts and tiered shirred sundresses for my 4 granddaughters. not sure if you can see these pics.
    /Users/suzandury/Pictures/iPhoto Library/Modified/2013/26 Jul 2013/IMG_0295.jpg
    /Users/suzandury/Pictures/iPhoto Library/Modified/2013/25 Jul 2013/IMG_0290.jpg

    • Hi Suzan
      You’re the second person who’s recommended the stall to me recently. I must check it out now I know the idea is to rummage!

      I can’t see the pics but will get son to help in case it’s me. Let me know if you’d like to borrow the book as it’s got a few unusual patterns that would be perfect for your granddaughters (to have 4 must be sewing heaven!!) Ages are 3-8.

  5. What a sweet dress! Great fabric choice, I just love the blend of colours 🙂 I enjoyed your blog post very much:) Got quite the kick out of the new puppy’s antics and the photo of your kitty is just too funny!

  6. I hope that Moonchild (blogstalker) does not get out-cutened by the sausage-loving puppy!

    I love the dress and think that it’s a great sequel to the denim coloured one!

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