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Last month I arranged a meet-up with Ruth while she was briefly in London.  We recognised each other immediately.  Well, I have been a follower of her blog Core Couture for several years!  I examined her Merchant and Mills coat and ‘Vivienne Westwooddress at close quarters and can confirm the standard of said garments was impressively high, even better in light of day than the photos suggest  🙂  As for the vivacious blonde that I expected, she was there alright, complete with a melodic Irish accent but somehow more petite than I’d imagined.  Which I told her!  1 ruth liberty

Rick Owens Shearling Peplum Jacket, Liberty London.

Rick Owens Shearling Peplum Jacket, Liberty London.

This is something that’s been remarked upon before: sewing bloggers look smaller IRL than we do on screen.  Why do you think that is (or, do you agree)?  Maybe in the pictures taken in our living rooms and gardens, we ‘fill’ the frame, whereas in real life we’re surrounded by big spaces?

Our rendezvous was Liberty’s.  We had a look at some of the designer wear on the first floor and felt thankful that we were skilled enough to be able to recreate many (though not all – see left) of these garments at a fraction of their RTW price – if we wanted to.  Ruth’s dress was a perfect example of this.  I felt happy that I’d played a small part in prompting her to make it.

I got a present!  A bundle of sewing patterns wrapped in a length of fabric.  It’s wool, possibly a blend, with a nice amount of drape for it to rest against the skin cosily – great for right now while winter and autumn are battling it out.  I love the muted colours. 1 ice The warm tones I’ve overlooked over the years but the rest – black, ‘envelope blue’ and green – are totally my palette. In fact, I was hunting for a zip for a green dress I was making so Ruth and I walked over to the new MacCulloch and Wallis premises for a bit of habby shopping before checking out the stores on Berwick Street.  As the afternoon darkened, I got the feeling we were walking against the tide: workers rushing to tube stations for their Friday night getaway, pushing into pubs, not to mention the semi-manic shoppers stlll jostling about.  I hope we get a chance to meet again, soon 🙂

1 sketchI mulled over what to make with my new fabric then by chance I found a sketch in  my old notebook that I drew while  watching ‘Borgen‘ (the Castle) years ago.  This was a really good Danish series about a fictional female Prime Minister who’s not only a consummate politician but so attractive that my husband pretended to watch the series with me!  The ‘slash with side bow’ blouse was worn by the another character, the young political journalist.  It was black which created a stunning contrast against Katrine’s blond hair and pale skin.  If I make this again, I’ll  go for a block colour and try a big, more confrontational bow!  1 inside

I drafted the slash and bow blouse pretty quickly from my bodice block, cutting at the upper bust line then playing with strips of paper till I worked out the two lengths of the bow on the side.  The big sleeves are Colette Aster Flutter Sleeves.  Here’s the view of the slash on the inside, showing the facing.  The bow section is double sided.

Anyway, I seem to recall Ruth is also a fan of Scandi Drama.  She once made jeans like the brown leather ones worn by Saga in the Bridge.  Now that’s daring!

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19 thoughts on “Borgen Blouse

  1. I love Borgen too! And your blouse is lovely. Will have to go back and watch again so I can see the original

    Sounds like you and Ruth had a great day in London

    • Thanks Jane. Look out for the lovely wool cape worn by Hanne (the older journo with alcohol problem!). I’ve tried to sketch it on the same page. It was so long ago though, and I’m not even sure if it was series 1 or 2. Enjoy!

  2. Lovely blouse – I like the slash with side bow feature a lot.

    I popped over to Ruth’s blog although (I’m sure you’ve directed me there before) and I think I would be too intimidated – dressmaking wise – by both of you if we ever met up. I’d have to wear something that had never been near my sewing machine in case you felt sorry for me. 😉

    Talking of ‘Scandi-drama’ – I am looking forward to watching the new series of ‘The Bridge’ on catch up. I love the main character especially as she’s supposed to be somewhere on the autism spectrum – as is one of my daughters – so it is especially interesting to me because the actress conveys some of the characteristics very well. Funnily enough, my husband likes her too but I’m not sure it’s for the same reason.

    • 🙂 Saga is lovely, like a very capable child! I haven’t started watching the new series ’cause I keep rushing to get into bed with my Kindle (I’m reading My Brilliant Friend, should you need a recommendations) but I’ll catch up.

      I have to admit I felt rather scruffy next to Ruth and though I’m usually quite happy with scruffy being my look, it didn’t seem appropriate in Liberty’s somehow. But I’d love to meet you whatever the outfit!

      • If you are happy in your clothes (home-made or bought) it doesn’t matter a bit – clothes do NOT a woman make! It’s the person wearing them that’s important.

  3. Wow, this is gorgeous. I have to come back later to figure out how you got the bow tabs to look so pretty. I also have a thing for big bows on blouses but have never made one (I like your solid colour with impressive bow thought).

    I recently caught some of Borgen on public television and man those people are all preternaturally good looking! Woah! I mean, her husband, too. Imagine if those at the centre of power and the journalists who interview them all looked like that..maybe only in Denmark. 🙂

    • PS I forgot to mention that Ruth is so impressive. I’m always blown away by her blog (she’s funny, too!).

      PPS I also sketch clothes that I like when I watch television or movies. I sketched pretty much the whole wardrobe that Audrey Tautou wore in the little movie La Delicatesse, though unfortunately I haven’t made any of the lovely clothes in that movie yet. Must rectify! Maybe that’s how I should edit my SWAP, as I’m already bored with the ideas I suggested.

      • I’ve missed that film. Will look it up, thanks.
        As I’m already bored with the ideas I suggested. Lol! That’s the problem with SWAP; it’s so long haul. I admire how you, Ruth and Kate pulled it off so successfully.

    • Oh the husband… thanks for reminder! If you need to see more, he’s in the second series of The Killing which was less pleasant in theme than Borgen but still enjoyable.

  4. Everything about your blouse is lovely, from the colors to the fit to the design. I was so hoping you’d made it from a pattern. I can try to follow your example but my drafting skills are pretty non-existent. Thanks for the inspiration, though.

    • Thanks Barbara. There are so many patterns in my head I’d like to share and create but it seems too big a job for the hours that remain of the days. However, if you have a similar looking pattern that fits well, I might be able to do a tute on how to adapt it.

    • Is 0.75m all it was? It was the fabric that kept on giving… I mean, I even got (generous) sleeves.

      It’s my favourite top at the mo (I’m even considering thermal vests to eke it out to mid-winter). Thanks again 🙂

  5. Having recently seen three bloggers in real life – you, Kate and Lesley, I can confirm all three of you are much more petite than I expected. Also younger and more attractive! Weird, but true. I love all the Scandi dramas. Wallander, The Killing, Borgen and The Bridge. In fact, anything with a subtitle and I am well away. “Spiral” from France is also brilliant.

    • Oh Spiral, yes, totally. Another lovely detective.

      And thanks for the triple compliment (the subtle lighting in Kate’s apartment helped in my case) !!

  6. Hello ladies!

    The blouse is very pretty – your envelope blue is my airforce or Wedgewood although I know what you mean (my blue envelopes would be quite a bit lighter). It is great to se you in a pattern and these deep shades are very flattering.

    When I met you I thought you were tiny! Not really tiny but much smaller than I expected. I seem to remember that TV presenters say that the TV adds 10llbs – maybe blogs are the same. I met Moira Stewart once and she was doll sized.

  7. The spouse here is also deep into Borgen, and nodded at the blouse. He likes to get me to watch stuff with him by telling me I’d like the clothes. As I’m hip deep into “Rick and Morty” wtih Blondini (mom/son bonding through inappropriate cartoons), I guess I’m not ready for grown up television right now.
    I am MUCH taller in real life (runs away laughing)

    • I had never heard of Rick and Morty till now. I’ll have to petition someone (who reads petitions) asap demanding us women of UK also get a chance to bond with our sons by watching this inappropriate cartoon together. Thanks for the tip, oh tall one!

  8. Great blouse – it suits you very much. OMG I love that jacket too! When I first started my business I painted silk cushions and scarves and got all my fabric from MacCulloch and Wallis, haven’t been there for years. Is it still in the same shop but just refurbished ?

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