Pleated gotas de amor fabric, Alexander HenryOr to give it its original title – “Writing Process Blog Hop“. My turn at a blog circular of distant and unknown origin (I could Google it I suppose).  This asks nominees just four simple question which the writer then passes on to others.  The invitation came from the energetic and ever-vibrant Ruth. Ruth’s answers and some of the others I’ve seen make an interesting read.  A common reason given as to why we write is we feel that after years of helping ourselves from the Internet (Life’s Eternal College), it’s time to give something back. But if you want more, here goes:

Why do I write what I do?

I’m filling time by developing new skills.  After going on a pattern-cutting course three years ago, I designed and made a skirt for a friend (she was about to go on holiday, didn’t know what to wear, didn’t have time to shop).  I got high on the uncertainty of “will this work or not” followed by the relief of a job well done and decided to maybe become a dressmaker for others.  Sew2pro is a record of the projects in my transition from amateur to pro.

What am I working on now?

Oh at least four things 🙄

River Island Lace Collar dress1.  A close-fitting version of this velvet swing dress from River Island.  I do love it but the colour of the original is too close to my skin tone so that from the distance I’d appear nude.

Plus, the style of the collar is a bit “Jacobean gentleman”.

My version will be in lilac/grey.

The lace collar from Etsy has arrived…

1 Lace collar from Etsy

1 gotas de amor fabric

2. There are a few parties coming up, beginning with one on 1st November: the Day of the Dead, when I want to wear a skirt made out of this Gotas De Amor fabric.  Possibly a pencil skirt (with a long, turquoise-blue satin-lined kick pleat at the back) but please feel free to suggest other kinds!

3. I’ve pinned the fabric into pleats (casual, rather than measured) onto the dummy here as I’m experimenting with creating my own version of the outfit worn very gorgeously by the Guardian’s Jess Cartner-Morley below (click on picture for link to the original article).  It’s a kind of Dior look which I’m not sure I’m slight enough to pull off or if I can get away with it considering my (lack of) height.  Jess Cartner-Morley Powerdressing Guardian 17 October 2014

My version will be dark, between red and black, but equally glossy.  I’ve got the chunky watch already, the perfect shirt and – despite Jess’ advice – I will wear pearls.  Or mother-of!  Wish me luck with fabric shopping.

4. I’ve yet to write about the two skirts I made recently.  Tomorrow promises to be sunny so it’s photoshoot time.

How does my work differ from others in the genre?

It’s only about stuff I’ve sewn – and often designed.  I rarely ruminate, there are no reviews of the latest Burda Magazine (but do let me know if it ever stops being ‘orrible) and I’ll never just show some stash.  Sometimes I may sneak in some talking cat photos (after all, we all have our weaknesses) or the odd exhibition review, but only if it involves stitching.

How does my writing process work?

I decide what 6-8 points need to be made in a post then I chew them over while I go for a run.  I ask myself how to put them in order.  Back home I write incoherent, incomplete sentences – often while doing several other jobs – then I start tidying up the text.  Typically, one or two points get trashed for the sake brevity and flow, but if I’m lucky a kind of narrative emerges.  If I’m doubly lucky, I might even get an amusing or original title for the post.

Yeah I know, not this time 🙂

My nominees

Kate of Fit and Flare.  Kate has infinite knowledge and often reminds me that good presentation is an essential part of wellbeing rather than some vain preoccupation.  Kate, who works like a dynamo, has written her bloghopping post already.

Tialys who somewhere in south France sews, sells and looks after a charming menagerie of rescue animals 🙂

I also invite you to view the world of the illustrator and photographer Nicky Linzey who, like Ruth, I’ve come to think of as a good friend these past two years though we’ve never met.  Each of her posts is like a deep breath of the kind of fresh air we don’t get much of in Sarf London!

9 thoughts on “Bloghopping

  1. Thanks Marianna, I’m one Canadian who really enjoys your blog. I tried blogging, but I didn’t get very far, which makes me appreciate your tenacity and creativity even more. But don’t worry, this message is not intended to place higher expectations on you, only to express gratitude for what you have already done – which is a lot!

  2. This post, your blog, your style, your deprecating approach – are all lovely. I appreciate the fact that you are thoughtful and kind, generous and clever. You are quirky and creative and my only regret is that you don’t post more often. It is so hard with young children to find the time to do anything. I am in awe of your ability to hang on to your creativity. I tried to organise good children’s parties when my kids were young and I hoped they would remember these special events because most of it was routine, drudgery and tiredness. I didn’t sew at all (apart from name tags) for about 20 years. I salute you.

    I like the ideas you are floating here – the Mexican fabric, the full skirt and the lace collar. No pressure, but I want more!

    • Thank you (I blush!) though I’ve been lucky that I’ve had more time to be creative than most. I wish I was more focused instead of sharing sewing/blogging with the other time-consuming loves of my life!

  3. I always enjoy reading your blog and seeing what you come up with. I missed you recently when you ‘disappeared’ and, like a concerned (or nosy) neighbour, felt the need to come and knock on your door to make sure you hadn’t suffocated under a cat or something.
    I laughed about the nude dress because it is true that, whenever I see somebody wearing that colour, I have to look twice.
    Love the Gotas de Amor fabric and actually like it just the way it is in the photograph. There you go, simple, it’s done!
    I will try to take on your kind nomination soon and join the blog hop. I haven’t done a post for a couple (few?) weeks so maybe it’ll kick me into touch again. I have actually finished and semi-finished a couple of projects instead of only having a worktable covered with bits of started but not yet finished ones so I’ll just need to take some pics and I’ll be off. However, unlike you, I may ruminate 😉

    • I enjoy your ruminations! But don’t worry, there’s no pressure to do things to any deadline, not till they (who?) start paying us 🙂

  4. Thank you for the nomination Marianna and the kind words about my blog. It’s funny how certain people ‘connect’ online isn’t it! I love the way you write – you always make me smile.

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