Beast Bunting

If you suffer from an aversion to bunting, look away now.  In fact, you might as well emigrate because this June, bunting promises to be everywhere!  Miles are being produced for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and schools all over the UK are taking part in a competition to see who can produce the longest stretches.

My bunting recipe might suit you if you need a prezzie for a certain Queenie in your life (the girl who has almost everything) but cannot stomach buying another plastic toy.  It takes 3 to 4 hours to make, maybe less if you’re quick and organized.  Keeping the flags in ordered piles is key!

You will need:

  •  A cardboard flag template in a triangle shape, measuring 22cm across and 22cm down.  This includes 1cm seam allowances.
  • Suitable sized templates for your characters and letters.  I use my kids’ stencils and cookie cutters.
  • 0.5 metres by 140cm of bright, lightweight flag fabric.  I used a “Fiesta by Poppy” fabric from Rolls and Rems at £8.95 per metre.
  • To personalize the bunting with letters and characters, you need a 0.1m length of a strongly contrasting fabric that will stand out as much as possible against the flag fabric.  Although it’s not essential, I like to interface my character fabric so that the shapes don’t fray.
  • Thread which must match the character fabric as closely as possible.
  • 2.5 metres of matching ribbon or bias binding, 25mm wide.  I use satin ribbon which is cheap and has a nice sheen.  The downside to satin ribbon is that it doesn’t feed as evenly nor stretch as bias binding does.


1. Draw your characters on the wrong side of the fabric (don’t forget to reverse them) then cut them out.


2. With the fabric on fold, cut 10 pairs of flags. Pin the characters to one set only of the flag fabric.  I press the flags lightly to mark the middle.


3. Using a zig zag stitch, sew the characters onto the flags.  This part requires the most patience and if you’re new to applique, you might want to practise on some scraps.  Begin and end each with the needle going into the character, not the flag.  Pivot often.

4. With the right sides together, sew long sides of the flags to their backing, leaving tops open.  Turn right sides out, pushing points out carefully, and press.


5. Leaving the first 25cm for the tie-end, pin the flags to the ribbon/bias binding.  This should leave the end 25cm free to make the end tie.  Stitch.

7. Check for stray threads, press and package!

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