Back in Black, Anna Hack

I didn’t mean to hack.  My focus was on designing a pencil skirt but after some experimenting, I made myself a rather likeable muslin from some utility cotton leftovers and it seemed a shame to throw it away. 

So I Frankensteined it. 

To an Anna bodice. 

The whole thing is, like Dr Frankenstein’s  creation, rather crudely stitched.  Check out that  ugly waist seam, sooo mismatched at the back!  (Click on right image to enlarge for full gore.)  See the holes where the original pencil skirt darts had to be unpicked and repositioned to match the bodice pleats? 

Luckily, one dye-job later into my all-time favourite colour and all is forgiven, particularly with the addition of a waist-concealing cinch belt.  A very useful hack, though a size bigger would have been more wearable still and could have been lined.  

BTW, check out the giant pencils of the Battersea Power Station!  This weekend is London Open House and if you’re curious to see the interior of this enormous brick structure, tomorrow is your last chance before the building undergoes lengthy, long 0verdue regeneration.  You’ll have to get there hours before opening time though, and join a queue of hundreds of architecture students, photography enthusiasts, Pink Floyd fans, phallic symbol admirers, not to mention the usual scourge of tweeters and bloggers!

14 thoughts on “Back in Black, Anna Hack

  1. Aaah, the nostalgia. I used to go to school in Battersea and went past this monument every day on the train. I see you are first in the queue to go inside in your lovely Anna hack.
    How do you find the tucks on the bust, by the way? I have looked at several versions of this dress and am not convinced that it would be a flattering look for me.

    • Hi Tialys,

      Seems like an interesting corner of London to have grown up.

      I do like the tucks under the bust and think they helps to build up the area a little but probably wouldn’t suit apple shapes.

      I think they would look great on you too (the shape wouldn’t be unlike that of your skater dress) but maybe a hard cotton like the one I chose here isn’t subtle enough. Something lighter with more drape would look better.

  2. This dress looks great on you. Well done for salvaging a muslin into something brilliant. Speaking of Pink Floyd, we used to rent the apartment above the garage of a house previously owned by the band – and where the photo was taken for ‘The Wall’ album cover. It was in Sunbury-on-Thames. I think that almost makes me famous!

  3. What a lovely creation! This dress looks like something the High Street would charge a tidy sum for. As for the miss match seam, I think you are too much of a perfectionist ’cause I couldn’t even find it! Great job.

  4. What a brilliant idea and so easy when you think about it – make a cotton garment and dye it any colour you want – no need to search for the perfect fabric! BTW great Anna – emmm as usual…..

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