Draft 2 Slashes Sleeve TopHere’s the second draft of my slashed sleeve top.  I improved on one feature: the cuffs; but I worsened two!  The sleeve head now hasn’t enough fullness and the bodice is too long.

I like to think that learning to draft is like learning to drive.  The mistakes and the failures make you better and more knowledgeable than someone who struck lucky the first time around.  I hope to find that thought a comfort when I begin draft three. 🙄

Now for the admin.  I’ll be celebrating my blog’s second birthday by smartening up this site.  The idea is that by making sew2pro more marketable, it’ll hopefully be a little less overlooked.  It won’t be an overnight change because I’m a Luddite who constantly alienates her IT staff by being destructive and unintuitive with the ways of … (*spits on floor*) technology!

So, while I knuckle down, will you please let me know by comment or email if:

– you want your blog included in my list of links on bottom right

– you recommend any sewing or drafting blogs or how-to websites for me to add to my reading list.  My blogroll is currently in the doldrums and a couple of favourites haven’t been updated in months.  Ideally I need tutorials with good visuals, or book reviews (like Pella‘s series on pattern drafting books), or guides on turning clothes-making into a profession.

Thanks 🙂

9 thoughts on “Admin

  1. Of course I would love to have my blog included, but you really should read/list (If sewing was algebra, they have solved for X in so many ways) and who is charming and witty and everywhere. He’s like your best friend who doesn’t know he can’t pull that project off, and he can. His book reviews are sterling!

    Me, I’m fighting the good jeans fight. Three pairs, three totally different fits with three different fabrics. The first, drafted from a pair that fit pretty well, came out great! The next ones, less and less. Overthinking again.

  2. Hmmm. I don’t know really – you already follow quite a few of the same ones I do. I don’t see this one on there though – although you probably already know of it. She reviews Burda magazine every month, makes all sorts of clothes and it’s a good read. If I think of any more, I’ll let you know.

  3. Well I like your top, pretty fabric. Strangely I can’t see the list of blogs you read, I pick up your blog on my iPad so maybe that’s got something to do with it

  4. Still looks good though. Would love my blog included but seeing as it has nothing to do with sewing I think it would be a big ask. I’m also going to be no help with sewing related stuff as yours is the only sewing blog I read. Good luck with your refurb.

    • Thanks Nicky.

      Actually, I was especially thinking of including non-sewing blogs in an own section in an effort to stop compartmentalising my life! It would make it a quick jump-to for me and others’ creativity is often a spur-on.

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