The Blogstalker

Of all the lives a cat could choose, the best is surely that of a fisherman’s cat.  Think of the catch!  Or maybe for the adventurous, a witches’ cat as then you get all the broomstick rides. But for the cat of a nervous disposition, a seamstress working … Continue reading


That’s Sew Cinematic presents a Sewing Horror Picture Show Starring Magenta (a barmy domestic) and her amazing contrast collar’n’cuffs dress contains scenes unsuitable for sewists of exacting high standards and nervous dispositions  Featuring: Collar with Stand (she winged it, totally) Loop … Continue reading

Freehand Cutting with Chinelo

It was my birthday a few weeks ago.  Instead of a present, I asked for a course: the “Freehand Cutting Workshop” taught by Chinelo Bally, the runner-up contestant in this year’s Great British Sewing Bee who stumped so many of us with her flair for speedily making beautifully … Continue reading

Jasmine Tea

I used to really enjoy people-watching, always secretly scanning for those who are looking good and for those who have the good fortune to be good-looking.  But something changed after I discovered Colette patterns, in particular the Jasmine.  Now I only look at women, wondering: “why the hell isn’t just one of them wearing the … Continue reading